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Russia’s largest aquaculture plant August 07,2013   |  Source: World Fishing

Russian Salmon Company, one of Russia’s largest fish producers, has announced plans to establish a large-scale aquaculture complex in the Murmansk region of Russia, which will specialise on the production of juvenile Atlantic salmon and trout, reports Eugene Gerden.

According to Andrew Laskov, general director of Russian Salmon, the new plant will be built on a 12ha site in the Little Volokovaya Bay. Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2014 and the first phase of the plant is expected to be launched in spring 2016.

The volume of production during the first phase will be 10 million juveniles and is expected to be increased up to 30 million during the second stage.

The volume of investment in the project has not been disclosed, however, according to sources close to the company, it could be up to RUB8bn (USD$240m).

Russian analysts believe that the establishment of such a complex will help to partially reduce Russia’s current dependence on the supplies of Atlantic salmon from Norway and to stimulate domestic production.

According to Dennis Bezruchko, a senior analyst of St. Petersburg Fisherman Club, at present the annual volume of supplies of Norway Atlantic salmon to Russia is about 135,000 tonnes, which is a large figure for Russia. The


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