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Jamaica's fisheries to benefit from major aquaculture project August 05,2013   |  Source: TheFishSite

The fisheries sector is poised to benefit significantly from a multimillion dollar aquaculture project, which targets the production of the imported Silver Tilapia species of fresh water fish, for sale to the local and overseas markets.

The initiative, for which a four-month $10 million pilot project was recently concluded, is spearheaded by newly established entity, Sunshine Aquaculture Limited, in partnership with Aqua Wilson Farm, a 100-acre fresh water fish sanctuary in Hill Run, St. Catherine.

Sunshine Aquaculture is seeking to introduce the new Silver Tilapia as well as improved nutrition and management processes within the local sector, which should serve to complement the indigenous Red Tilapia, regarded as a local culinary favourite, and boost the local industry's output, enabling it to generate earnings of up to US$200 million per annum.

Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Hon. Roger Clarke, and other officials of the Ministry were taken on a tour of the Aqua Wilson Farm, on August 2, to view the operations.

Sunshine Aquaculture Director, Mark Wildish, said the pilot project demonstrates the possibility of double growth rates for the Silver Tilapia, based on the results of the pilot project, conducted at their Kew Park Farm in Westmoreland, and Aqua Wilson


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